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Sybase Aleri Tech Corner


The content on this site is specific to Sybase Aleri. The Aleri Streaming Platform consists of a high performance Complex Event Processing engine, the Sybase Aleri Studio, for rapid application development, and a range of integration tools including adapters and APIs. The Sybase Aleri Streaming Platform library brings together all the technical resource you need in one place. Aleri Streaming Platform's new version is called SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor (ESP). To learn more about the SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor join the ESP Developer Center on SAP Community Networks The Newsgroup of the CEP tech corner will be closed after Dec 31st 2012 and all discussion and questions related to ESP and Aleri will be addressed on the ESP developer center discussion forum.



What's new?

SAP Sybase ESP Developer Community has now moved to the SAP ESP Developer Center. This developer community provides wealth of information related to developing state of art application using SAP Sybase ESP platform. The resources include documentation, datasheets, product manuals, technical white papers, training videos and a newsgroup to discuss your questions. Please use the community forum to communicate any information you need in order to be successfully use the SAP Sybase ESP platform. To download new evaluation version of the software please register here.


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