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Sybase Open Source Files
To access open source files, you must be logged in to the SDN. Click here to log in.
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The following files are available through Sybase Open Source:

Sybase Open Source for ebXML Messaging

ebXML (Electronic Business using extensible Markup Language) provides a standard method to exchange business messages. ebXML Messaging Service defines the message enveloping and header document schema used to transfer ebXML messages and the behavior of software sending and receiving ebXML messages. Sybase Open Source for ebXML Messaging is the open source project developed by the Sybase eBusiness engineering team to support the ebXML 2.0 Messaging Services Specification over HTTP protocol.

To access more information and the open source ebXML files, click here.

To access the Sybase Open Source for ebXML Messaging white paper, which provides guidelines for using the open source files and detailed information about ebXML, click here.

Please exchange your feedback with the ebXML development team using the sybase.public.ebxml.opensource newsgroup.

Sybase Open Source for Watcom

Please note: Sybase Open Source for Watcom files are not yet available.

To access the license agreement for Sybase Open Source for Watcom, click here.

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