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Developer Alliance Partners

Sybase partners with some of the world's leading mobility providers to provide expanded mobile developer resources to the existing Sybase developer community.


Together, Intel and Sybase help developers deliver mobile enterprise applications that are available anytime, anywhere, using a wired, public wireless, or Wi-Fi network. Through our Unwired Enterprise initiatives, Sybase and its subsidiary iAnywhere are working with Intel to accelerate the adoption of mobility for the enterprise.



Cingular has certified five Sybase mobile developer products to ensure compatibility with the Cingular Mobile Internet Plans. Certification helps ensure trouble-free application devolvement and deployment. The Cingular devCentral program provides tools, resources and business opportunities for Sybase and Cingular developers.

Certified Products: Pylon Anywhere, M-Business Anywhere, Mobile Sales, Mobile Pharma, Unwired Accelerator



Orange and Sybase work together to promote mobile application development for possible distribution to Orange's 50+ million customer base in 21 countries. Orange, a premier SDN partner, offers developers free online training, a research database, tools, downloads, application programming interfaces and peer-to-peer contact via the Orange Partner portal. is the realization of a vision of a diverse group of engineers, researchers, technologists, and evangelists at Sun Microsystems, Inc. to provide a common area for interesting conversations and innovative development projects related to Java™ technology.

  source O2
source O2 acts as a one-stop-shop for developers, guiding them through every stage of development. contains a rich stream of exciting content designed with the developer in mind. There is a wide array of material to work with, from toolkits to detailed device info; market analysis to case studies; industry news to events.


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