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Sybase and HP

HP and Sybase provide innovative solutions for business intelligence, data integration infrastructure, financial services, and mobility.


HP-Sybase IQ for Carrier Analytics Solution

The HP-Sybase Carrier Analytics solution combines the Sybase CEP suite of products for analyzing high volumes of live data streams contained in low-latency systems, such as routers and network elements, with operational systems and historical data repositories where Sybase IQ in-database analytics performs processing within seconds. The real-time aspect of this solution enables a new approach to deriving intelligence that supports delivery activities in a 4G environment that includes cell-site optimization, intelligent wireless offload, and visibility for new product rollouts.

Blending mission-critical and industry-standard design principles, the HP ProLiant DL980 G7 server with HP PREMA Architecture features the latest eight-core Intel® Xeon® processors, designed with balanced scalability, self-healing resiliency, and breakthrough efficiencies to deploy Sybase CEP and Sybase IQ for the largest and most demanding Linux workloads.

For large carriers where Call Detail Records (CDR) approach 40K/sec., the HP Superdome 2 with the HP-UX operating system pioneers a new category of modular systems that scale up, out, and within to deploy Sybase IQ on a common mission-critical platform.

Why HP?

  • Sybase analytics—whether deployed on industry-standard HP ProLiant DL980 G7 servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux or mission-critical HP Integrity servers running HP-UX—combine faster query response and faster data loads with reduced overhead, reduced storage costs, and lower maintenance requirements.
  • Deployed on industry-leadering HP servers with the unmatched price/performance of HP StorageWorks arrays, Sybase IQ enables a new generation of analytics capability for today's operator challenges.
  • HP and Red Hat certified platforms instill confidence in the joint solution with HP services, support and single point of accountability, and deliver a cost-effective solution optimized to improve utilization, lower energy use and reduce costs.

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