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PowerBuilder 是一款备受赞誉的开发工具,可以简化数据驱动型业务应用程序的构建。 PowerBuilder 是一种经过验证的划时代技术,极大地丰富了当今开发人员的体验。

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Try the PowerBuilder ROI Calulator Today

The Sybase PowerBuilder ROI calculator was developed independently by leading ROI tool developer Alinean, Inc. as an objective analysis tool help PowerBuilder customers to understand the potential costs of moving development activities to another platform and the benefits of staying with PowerBuilder. This tool can help you justify the cost savings and productivity of PowerBuilder in your organization.

To start, sign up for a password and login, and follow the instructions.


不要将资金浪费在无意义的重复工作上: 转化、优化和保护您的现有投资

使用 PowerBuilder 迁移

  • 方便地改进 .NET、Web、JEE 和 Mobile 平台/框架
  • 将开发成本降至最低
  • 利用和施展现有代码的功能

PowerBuilder 12 Migration Tips & Tools



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