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Data Management

When data is under control, data is power—power that enables agencies to see where they’ve been, where they are and where they’re going. Data that’s out of control brings only risk and ever-growing costs. Too much information is the same as none at all. It obscures what agencies really need to know, forcing them to make decisions blindly.


Government relies on Sybase to manage its data
For more than two decades, Sybase technologies and expertise have helped government turn content into information, and information into knowledge. As just one example, when the FBI needed to make its violent criminal database easily accessible to law enforcement agencies across the country, they chose Sybase.

Sybase gives government agencies visibility, access and control over data, transforming information into a vital, accessible and decisive mission asset

Sybase technologies enable agencies to manage terabytes, even petabytes of disparate data within secure, transaction-intensive environments using data management solutions that span a spectrum of challenges:

  • Sustaining extreme transaction volumes and tempos
  • Supporting mission-critical analytics and data warehousing
  • Enabling remote access to headquarters data

Sybase addresses these challenges with integrated solutions for:

  • Enterprise database management
  • Mobile and embedded database management
  • Data movement and distribution
  • Enterprise modeling and development
Sybase database management technologies enable agencies to manage and mobilize their information with solutions tailored to their requirements. Learn more about the core Sybase components.
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