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Sybase Mobile Healthcare Solutions


A mobile clinical environment has fundamental advantages to everyone interacting with medical information.

Effective patient care
Doctors, technicians, and patients benefit from anytime, anywhere access to relevant medical information. Real-time access to medical information, including Electronic Medical Records (EMR), enables care providers to seamlessly connect with each other and collaborate on providing effective patient care.

Quick decision making
Access to interpreted information, including test results and clinical documentation, allows care providers to make quick and effective decisions related to patient care.

Seamless data collection
Always on, always connected mobile devices at the point of care result in seamless data capture, reduced errors and more time spent with the patient.

Sybase's Mobility Platform addresses the converging IT requirements of healthcare organizations. By combining application development tools, mobile device management and security and email/messaging, the platform enables healthcare organizations to empower caregivers to work anywhere, at anytime, on any device.

To learn more about planning for mobility in your healthcare organization,check out the following information:

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