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Community Forums/Newsgroups


Reading the Community Forums

Our award-winning community forums (newsgroups) enable you to communicate with product engineers and other users about specific issues. Each community  forum/newsgroup is categorized by product, so finding specific information and resources is easy.

You can access the Sybase Community Forums in several ways:

Forum Moderation

Members of TeamSybase, an exclusive group of Sybase "super users", regularly answer questions and offer advice and expertise to participants within the community.

We hope you enjoy our community forums/newsgroup communities.

Review Moderation Guidelines.


Community Forums Search

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Top 5 Reasons to use Sybase Community Forums/Newsgroups:

  • Leverage real world experience of others
  • Get product specific technical information
  • Exchange Q&A with industry experts
  • Find tips, techniques, solutions and workarounds
  • All forums moderated by TeamSybase and Sybase

How to use the Forums/Newsgroups

It's simple, just go to: Sybase Community Forums

Joining TeamSybase

Top 5 Reasons to strive to become a TeamSybase Member:

  • Share your knowledge, interchange technical ideas, collaborate on issues, and help others
  • Interact with Sybase engineering
  • Access to early software builds and automatic enrollment in beta programs
  • Attend annual meetings with Sybase engineering to learn about products and exchange ideas
  • Get free TechWave conference pass/airfare

How to become a TeamSybase Member:

It's easy, start answering as many questions in the forum that you can, that haven't already been answered, and TeamSybase will consider you for membership, among others in the community, based on your contributions. For more information go to: TeamSybase

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