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Sybase IQ 15 Migration Resources


Sybase Technical Support is committed to providing the most complete set of resources available to help customers have a successful migration.



Features in IQ 15.4

  • Enhanced compression of Varchar, Long Varchar, Varbinary and Long Varbinary
  • Option to create Table UDFs and Table Parameterized Functions
  • Query engine enhancement to allow execution of Java table functions
  • Spatial data supported by the catalog store query engine within IQ
  • New Sybase Central plugin with new feature support
  • Various enhancements to Sybase Control Center in the manage and administration area for IQ
  • Win32 platform support for IQ server has been dropped from this release
  • New product edition 'Express Edition' for customers who want to test IQ beyond the 30day eval period
  • JDBC based server classes have been deprecated




Technical Assistance

Need technical assistance?
Log your IQ 15 Migration Tech Support case or consult the IQ 15 Error Messages Guide.



Migration / Upgrade Services

Need more help? 

Sybase offers Consulting and Support Now Plus programs to develop a Migration Strategy that mitigates risk, provides expertise to guide you trhough the entire process, or performs the migration for you.



IQ 15 Solved Cases and CRs

Use Sybase Tech Support's IQ 15 Solved Cases and CR's to search for known IQ 15 issues and solutions.



Why you may have installation issues...

Didn't know about SySAM2
Didn't check OS specific changes 
Didn't check feature changes 

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